Cuptainers - Dishonest Company

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For our wedding we made a purchase on Cuptainers of what were listed as "Linen Doiles" for a total of $103.52. What we received were cheap paper doilies.

The day after we received our order I contacted the company to inform them of what we received. They said that the items were "linen LIKE" even though it didn't say this in the item description on their site. I told the representative that these would be of no use to us and that I wanted a full refund. She said that they would do this.

The item was returned and one month later we received a refund of $12.77 less than we paid them. As it took 4 phone calls and 1 month to receive this, I am not going to bother trying to figure out their "Logic" on this one.

We didn't read the bad reviews about this company before our purchase. Big mistake. I urge you to read their self-centered return policy and think twice before doing business with this shady company owned by Kyutae Kyung.

Review about: 12 X 12 Square Linen Doily 1000 Ct.



We apologize for the incorrect item description.We are currently updating our website, which includes making sure all descriptions are correct and up to date.

When you were not happy with what you received, we sent a return shipping label and refunded the price of the item back to your card.The refund does not include the original shipping cost.

If anyone has a question about an item, returns, or shipping, we encourage you to give us a call.

to Cuptainers Walnut Creek, California, United States #774759

You should still refund shipping since the item was listed incorrectly by YOUR company.In no way was the consumer at fault.

You'd rather hang on to your shipping costs than a customer.

Bad business choices.:?

Cuptainers - Poor customer service, incomplete shipment, and incorrect items received

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I would recommend for people to stay away from this company.First of all their website is a tad confusing, but don't expect someone to answer the phone if you call with a question.

I ordered deli containers with lids. The lids arrived in a timely fashion, although I thought they appeared to be the wrong size. When the bottoms arrived 3 weeks later, it was obvious the lids were not going to fit.

I called customer service, and obviously there is nothing that can be done.However, I have had a very good experience with, and they even answer the phone.

Review about: Alur Deli Container.



Hey there Cheeselovr, this is Steve from the WEBstaurantStore.I just happened upon your post while looking for mentions of our website and wanted to say THANK YOU for saying such kind things about our service.

While I don't work in customer service, I do training with them and they are such a great group of people. I can't wait to send them your kind review!

Best wishes!~Steve

Very Pleased with Cuptainers

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I ordered from Cuptainers and I' m very pleased with the quality of the product.

My order arrived in 3 days which was excellent. I see bad reviews but that doesn't stop me because customer service was excellent and my item was received and i didn't have any problem.

I actually referred a lot of friends there and they have absolutely no complaints. One of my friends ordered the wrong item by mistake and she called customer service and asked for a refund. She sent the package back and followed their guidelines and her refund was on her card in less than a week.

My advice for people that have bad reviews, sometimes you just need to follow guidelines and read the fine print.

Review about: Cake Containers.

Cuptainers #1 Fraud do not order from them.

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Cuptainers , of Bayonne.New Jersey.

I ordered some plastic cake displays which they had in their catalog. 2 weeks went by and no order so I called and spoke to Liz and she told me that the company they order from went out of business and they would refund my money back and so far no money. I am tired of these one person companies who just drop ship and don't bother to please a customer. I called back and got the same response, We will refund.

I have yet to see a dime of my hard earned cash.It is $166.00

Review about: Plastic Cake Containers.



Good morning,

This is Liz from Cuptainers.I would like speak with in regards the to the order that was placed and you were never refunded for.

Please give me a call at your earliest convenience, so that we can try and resolve this matter.914-517-5517 Extension 101 stole my money

Rochester, New York 6 comments
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I ordered catering articles for several large events.My VISA account was charged for these materials.

I recieved a partial order, and when I phoned Cuptainers several times I was told that a second package did go to UPS. I used the tracking number and phoned UPS to find they had never recieved a second package from Cuptainers. I made numerous phone calls with requests to phone me back. I did not recieve any calls back.

I called over and over again and was finally able to talk to a "customer rep" who promised me the materials before the events. I never recieved the package, I had to run to a mall one hour away, each way to get the articles I needed for the events at two different times, at the last minute because Cuptainers kept telling me I would recieve the articles on time. I phoned numerous times again and asked for a refund. They said they would return my money.

I was charged in JUNE, and asked the last two months for a refund. This is September and I have not recieved a refund of the money they got from my account! I have read other reviews that were just as bad as this one, and I wish I knew about them before I ordered. I am so angry I turned it all over to my lawyer, who is writing a letter to them warning them to pay or we will persue a claim against them.

I am so furious with the manager's lies and excuses. This is not a "real" company, it is a scam running out of someone's garage or empty storefront.

They are thieves and I was taken.

Review about: Incomplete Order.



Cuptainers stole my money too.I spent over a 1/2 hour on the phone with there so called customer service who didn't even know the correct dia.

of the cake dome and only offered the advice that the web site is probably wrong. I was assured that the containers they were shipping me were right and guess what they were WRONG.

I had to deny the charges on my credit card to get my money back but it still costed me the shipping to return they're screw up.I took the advice and went to" great customer service" and GOT THE RIGHT PRODUCT.


It would be extremely hard to believe they are under new management considering my order was incorrect, have called several times with no answer, left several messages and still no response. I have a wedding next weekend and now having to find what I wanted and am out over a 150 dollars. Horrible company and I am telling you DO NOT ORDER from!!


I ordered from Cuptainers a week ago and I received my Product and I Love it!!

Their products are awesome and my company loves it. My item was received right away and whenever i had a question and called customer service they were so helpful.

I see reviews about horrible customer service and shipping but honestly my friends and other business partners that use Cuptainers never had anything bad to say and they love their company.

I will absolutely recommend their company and i guarantee i will be a regular customer!!

Two thumbs Up!!!




I apologize that you had a bad customer service experience. Just wanted to reach out and let everyone know we are under



I ordered from them and was suppose to have a 2 day delivery. On the fourth day I called them to find out where the items were and they stated they were out of stock. I replied why did you charge my card if no merchandise is being delivered and why didn't I receive notification. BAD customer service and business methods. I am having a party tomorrow and had to scramble all over town to find the items I was looking for.

I would recommend instead I ordered alot of supplies from them and they were here in two days packed nicely so the items would not be damaged.

My advice if you really need the items shop elsewhere

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